Using TeamSnap Live! Chat and Scoring

TeamSnap Live! allows you to follow every game and communicate with the whole team, even when you can’t be there! TeamSnap Live! chats appear in your mobile app whenever a game or event is scheduled. If you have notifications enabled, you’ll receive a notification when a Live! game or event is starting. Once a game is happening, you can go to Active Events and start chatting with your team.

Info: TeamSnap Live! chats will become active 1 hour before the scheduled start time for games and events and will remain active until 2 hours after the event if there is an end time entered. If no end time has been set, the event will stay active for 5 hours from the event start time.

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TeamSnap Live! Messaging and Scoring

In addition to chat, TeamSnap Live! has a sport-specific game clock and action tracker built right in, so anyone on your team can keep track of the score and sport-specific stats, like what count it is in baseball or where the game clock is in soccer. Anyone on the team can change the score in real-time so that everyone at home is in the know. Just make sure no one’s fudging the results…

  1. Open TeamSnap app.
  2. Select team.
  3. Tap Schedule.
  4. Select the game or event marked "Live!"
  5. Tap TeamSnap Live! within the Event Details screen.
  6. To post messages:
    1. Tap into the "Type a Message" field and enter your message.
    2. Tap the send icon.
    3. Team members not currently in the TeamSnap Live! event chat will receive a push notification letting them know there is a new message.
  7. To add scores to games:
    1. Tap the light blue scoring box in the top banner (this will activate the scoring option).
    2. Tap the box under the team that scored.
    3. Toggle to the correct score.
    4. Tap the large check to enter the score.
      1. The score will update to the overall game score and a notation will be made in the chat for the game.
Tip: Not seeing the score and time clock options?
  • TeamSnap Live! scorekeeping and game clock will only be available for games. It should state "Event" or "Game" on the top banner once you click on the item in the schedule. If the game was entered as an event on the team schedule, only chat will be available. Let your team manager or owner know to double check that the game was entered correctly.
  • Have your team manager or owner verify the score tracking setting. This can be done from a web browser by going to Manager > Site Prefs > Edit > Score Tracking. The checkbox for "Scores are entered as points for and against." should be selected.

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Use the Game Clock

  1. Tap on the stopwatch icon to the left of the camera icon at the bottom of your TeamSnap Live! game screen to begin the clock (default is to count up)
    1. To switch to count down:
      1. Tap the settings cog next to the time 
      2. Select Count Down 
      3. Set the length of your period 
      4. Tap OK 
      5. Tap the start button to begin the timer
    2. To reset the clock:
      1. Tap the settings cog 
      2. Tap Reset 
      3. The clock will be reset to the same time used for the previous period.

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Use the Baseball-Specific Tracker

To set the current state during a Live! game for teams with Baseball as their sport in their team settings, either tap the score at the top of the screen or on the baseball icon at the bottom of the screen. Tapping “B”, “S” or “O” resets the current setting, but easier than that, recording an out clears balls and strikes automatically. And setting the inning clears balls, strikes, outs and any baserunners. 


To follow along, simply log into the app and click on the orange Live Game in Progress banner. We only send out score notifications to your phone when the score changes, and those notifications include inning and out information. So everyone will know that not only is the score 4-3 but it’s the bottom of the 3rd with 2 outs.

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Manage TeamSnap Live! Notifications

  1. Open TeamSnap app
  2. Select team
  3. Tap More (iOS) or Menu (Android)
  4. Tap My Preferences (iOS) or Notification Preferences (Android)
  5. Toggle the switches for Live! Score Updates and Live! Game/Event Messages to ON 
iOS Android

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Delete Live! Chat Messages

  1. Long press (tap and hold) on the desired message
  2. Tap Delete Message in the options that appear

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Disable TeamSnap Live!

To disable TeamSnap Live! for your entire sports organization, an organization administrator will need to contact TeamSnap support.  Disabling TeamSnap Live! for individual teams is not currently available.

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