Manage Photos, Files, and Videos

You can dazzle your teammates with your organizational skills using the Media tab to manage your team photos, videos, and files.

The storage space available for your team's Media tab uploads depends on which plan the team is on. Check out our  TeamSnap Plans & Pricing to see the storage space included in each plan.

For teams on a plan with a storage limit, a meter is displayed in the Media tab to show the available storage space remaining.

Upload Media

When you upload photos, video links, or files you'll be prompted to select either an existing folder or create a new one to store the upload in. Please note that a folder cannot contain mixed file types. If multiple file formats are uploaded at once, they will be stored in separate folders under the files' corresponding Media section.

  1. Click the Media tab
  2. Click sub-tab for the media type you'd like to add (photo, video, or file)
  3. Photos or files
    1. Click Add Your First Photo/File or Upload New Photos/Files 
    2. Select an existing folder or create a new folder for storing your upload(s)
    3. Click the Click to Select Files button
      1. HTML, zip, and gz files cannot be uploaded.
    4. Select one or more files to upload
      1. Recommended size 768x1024px (i.e. image width and length should not exceed 1024 pixels)
    5. Photo upload progress will display
  4. Videos
    1. Click Add Your First Video Links or Add New Videos
    2. Select an existing folder or create a new folder for storing your upload(s)
    3. Enter the link to your Youtube or Vimeo video (Adding Google links is not currently available.)
    4. Enter a title for your video link
    5. Click Save
Note: Videos can only be uploaded or viewed from the Web app. 

Arrange Photos within a Folder

  • Photos can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them to a new location within the folder. This feature is only available on the web version of TeamSnap. 

Rename Photos, Files, and Folders

You can rename images that have been uploaded to your team's media tab. 

  1. Click on the current title of the image, file, or folder
  2. Enter the updated title
  3. Click Save

Set Folder Cover Photo

The first photo in the folder is the default cover photo for that folder. Here's how you can change the cover photo.

  1. Click to open the folder in question
  2. Drag and drop the desired photo to the first position
  3. Boom! That photo will now display as the cover photo for that folder

Manage Media Folders

You can rearrange folders and their contents by dragging and dropping them to a new location.

  • Use the Manage Photos, Manage Videos, or Manage Files buttons to select, delete, move multiple photos, videos or files at once.

Team managers can delete folders only when they are empty by clicking the Delete button.

  • Click on your media tab 
  • Click on the sub-menu where the folder was added.
  • Click Delete under the empty folder.

Note: This action needs to be performed via a web browser. The delete option is not available in the mobile app.

Set Folder Visibility

Folders can be set to private or public by team administrators. Private folders will be visible only to those with manager access. 

  1. Click on the folder
  2. Click Manage Photos or Manager folders
  3. Click Make Album/Folder Private to hide the album/folder from non-managers or click Make Album/Folder Not Private to make a private album public
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