Member Types

There are four basic member types: Team Owner, Manager, Player, and Non-Player.  If you have a Club & League account, you will have two additional member types: League Owner and Commissioner.

League Owners

  • control Club and League accounts
  • typically responsible for billing for the club/league subscription
  • commissioner by default, with all commissioner permissions
  • the only roster member able to grant or revoke commissioner status to other members
  • the default team owner for any teams in the club or league who have not yet been assigned an owner
  • there can be only one league owner per club or league account


  • can be either league-level with league-wide administrative access or division-level with administrative access limited to a specific division
  • League-level Commissioner
    • assign players to teams
    • create and edit registration forms
    • manage general settings for the entire club or league
    • manage league-wide Locations
    • able to send emails to everyone in the league
  • Division-level Commissioner
    • assign players to teams within their division
    • send emails to teams within their division
    • manage division locations that teams within their division can use when scheduling games and events
    • there can be as many commissioners as needed or desired within a league account

Team Owners 

  • assigned as the owner of a team/group
  • For independent teams
    • the owner is responsible for team plan billing
    • the only member able to grant or revoke manager status to other members
  • For independent and club & league accounts
    • able to grant or revoke manager status to other members along with league owners and commissioners
    • a manager by default with all the permissions that a manager has
    • there can be only one owner assigned per team


  • create/edit games in the schedule
  • invite new players to join
  • update payments
  • can update any editable areas of the team account
  • there can be as many managers as needed or wanted on a team (e.g. a coach, assistant coach, etc)


  •  most of the roster members are players by default
  • modify their own information like contact info, availability, etc, but not others' information
  • cannot do things that a manager can


  • roster members that don’t play in games
    • For example, someone who coaches but doesn’t play, an assistant coach, team mom, or even a team mascot. Functionally, there is no difference between a player and a non-player.
  • listed separately from players on the roster
  • are not included in the player count on the Availability screen
  • typically someone like a coach or team mom is designated as both a non-player and a manager

Finally, there is a check mark indicator on the roster for TeamSnap Members, to indicate who has accepted their invitation to join the team. For more info on this, check out the article on the invitation process.

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