Member Types and Roles

This article covers the various member types and the different roles they can be granted within a TeamSnap team or organization.

Permissions Member or Contact Team Manager Team Owner Division Commissioner Org Commissioner Org Owner
Add/Edit/Delete TeamSnap account and member information
Receive team communications N/A N/A N/A
Set availability
Subscribe to team schedules
Submit invoice and registration payments
Add/Edit/Delete team schedule
Add/Edit/Delete team members
Add/Edit/Delete team tracking items, *statistics, invoicing
Grant/revoke team manager role
Manage independent team plan billing
Add/Edit/Delete division members
Add/Edit/Delete division schedule
Add/Edit/Delete organization members
Add/Edit/Delete organization schedule
Manage organization settings
Manage organization registration
Manage organization financials
Grant/revoke organization team owner role
Grant/revoke commissioner role
Manage organization plan billing

* if included in team plan

Additional member designations

non-player icon


  • designation for non-player roster members like coach, team mom, team manager typically in addition to manager role
  • excluded from the player count on the Availability screen