Scheduler Conflicts

Venue Conflicts

  • a game is being scheduled for a time/location that already has a game and is therefore unavailable

The game in question must be rescheduled to a different venue to clear the conflict.

Team Conflicts

  • an admin is attempting to schedule a team to play two different games at the same time
  • a team has back to back games in different locations

The team in question can only be scheduled in one game at a time and must have adequate time between games to get to the next venue.

Coach Conflicts

Note: Coach conflict setting must be checked within TeamSnap>Directory>Member Profile>Edit for this conflict to be triggered


  • coach has two or more teams scheduled to play at the same time
  • two or more teams a coach is rostered on are scheduled in back to back games at different venues

This conflict can be overridden, but generally speaking, it can be cleared by adjusting the schedule so that the coach in question does not have two or more of their teams scheduled at the same time or with back to back games at venues that don't allow for travel time between the locations.

Team-specific Conflicts

Team-specific conflicts stem from conflict dates/times that are set up for a specified team.

  • team has a game(s) on the schedule that is a conflict for that team
  • user is trying to manually schedule a game that is a conflict for that team

The team in question will need to have their schedule adjusted to account for any team-specific conflict data entered to clear the conflict.