Create Games in Scheduler

TeamSnap Scheduler allows you to schedule games across your entire organization or a select portion of it all at once.

Note: Scheduler items can only be edited/managed from within scheduler. Scheduler is available only to administrators of club and league accounts on the 21-day Free Trial, Premium, or Ultra team plans. Schedules created under a Trial plan that do not upgrade after the trial will lose access to scheduler and scheduler events in TeamSnap will be locked.

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Click organization name under the My Leagues section of the dashboard
  3. Click Schedule tab
  4. Click TeamSnap Scheduler
  5. Click Create New Schedule
  6. Select the locations to include in the schedule
  7. Click Continue
  8. Select the divisions or teams below divisions to include in the schedule
  9. Enter schedule details
    1. name (Example: Winter 2017)
    2. review/select location timezones
    3. review/select division gender
  10. Click Continue to TeamSnap Scheduler
  11. Enter Settings
    Note: Data and selections are auto-saved
  12. General
    1. Select League Play Start Date
    2. Enter League Play Number of Weeks
    3. Toggle practice scheduling on/off
  13. League Play Schedule
    1. Enter Game Length (default 60 minutes)
    2. Enter Playoff Game Length (default 60 minutes)
    3. Enter number of games (total number of games to be scheduled)
    4. Enter max games per day
    5. Enter minimum time between games for each team
    6. Toggle doubleheader league on/off
    7. Toggle back-to-back scheduling on/off
    8. Venue editing/customization
      1. Subvenues can be set up under each venue as needed (Example: Small Field, Court 2, etc)
      2. Venues can be set to be available for scheduling for league play only, practices only, or both
    9. Blackout Dates
      1. Enter organization-wide blackout dates to prevent scheduling on those dates
    10. Venue Blackouts
      1. Enter venue-specific blackout dates to prevent scheduling at that venue on those dates
  14. Click Games
  15. Click Settings
    1. Adjust game settings as needed by toggling to override data entered in the general schedule settings tab
    2. Select days for scheduling games
    3. Select start time
    4. Select venue for practice to be scheduled at
    5. Select sub-venue (if applicable)
    6. Add time slots by clicking arrows next to time
    7. Up arrows add a slot for the hour before
    8. Down arrows add a slot for the hour after
  16. Click Schedule
  17. Click Autoschedule League Games
    1. Enter minimum time between team's games
    2. Select divisions to auto-schedule for
  18. Click Schedule Games
    1. Click up/down arrow button to move game to a different week
    2. Click Swap Weeks to switch week's schedule with another week
    3. Toggle to show empty time slots
    4. Toggle to view other divisions
  19. Click Schedule New Game to add another practice to the date/timeslot you are viewing
  20. Click Balance Statistics to review 
  21. Click Schedule under the Games tab
  22. Click Publish League Schedules
    1. Select publish option from dropdown
    2. Select changes to send notifications for
  23. Click Publish Schedule