Using Tracking Tab

A Manager’s job is never done! Sometimes you just need to track who has completed tasks or provided required forms. This tab lets you keep track of things like who has turned in medical releases, who has taken a turn at field cleanup, or any other yes/no type of item!

The  Tracking Tab allows Managers to create and keep record of items for their team. The Tracking tab is Admin access only. 

When a new Tracking item is created, a check-box will be generated for every member on Roster.  Users with Manager Access can edit the information to reflect the members’ statuses.  

Note: The Tracking tab can only be updated by an administrator. Members without manager access cannot check or un-check the boxes on this Tab.

Tracking information can be made public or private to the team, it’s the Manager’s option.  By default, a new team is preset to have the information visible to the team, but it can set to private by going to the  Preferences TabSite SettingsEditItem Tracking Privacy. When tracking is 'Private,' members will only see their own tracking information and not the tracking information for other members.  In this location, the Manager also has the option of tracking or not tracking items for Non-Players.

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