Send Availability Reminders

Need to get the low-down on who’s coming and who's not? Sending availability reminders to your team! You can send reminders for any game or event with the 'Track Availability in the Availability tab' setting on.

Tip: You can customize your availability message in the mobile app.

Send Availability Reminders (web)

You can send availability reminders from two locations within the web app:

  1. From the Availability tab:
    1. Click the Availability tab
    2. Click the envelope icon below the desired event
    3. Select desired recipients
    4. Click Send Reminders
  2. From the event itself:
    1. Click the Schedule tab
    2. Click the desired game/event
    3. Click the Send Availability Reminders button
    4. Select desired recipients
    5. Click Send Reminders

Selected recipients will now receive a notification from which they can set their availability, and you will be able to view an updated list of who is available for your game or event! 

Send Availability Reminders (mobile)

  1. Tab the Schedule tab
  2. Tap the desired event
  3. Tap Availability
  4. Tap the envelope icon for the members within the desired status category
  5. Select Send Email (iOS and Android) or Send Alert (Android only)
  6. Enter your message
  7. Tap Send (iOS) or the send icon (Android)
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