Manage Team Availability Preferences

Team administrators can select availability preferences for their team to manage what is displayed under the availability tab, and to prevent members from making changes to their availability within a set number of hours before game or events.

  1. Click the Availability tab
  2. Click the Availability Preferences button
  3. Set the preferences as desired
    1. Show past availability will display past games and events and the availability that each player set for each
    2. Select how many game or events you'd like displayed per page (limit 15)
    3. Check the box for setting game and/or event availability cut-off to prevent members from changing the availability they submitted within a set number of hours before a game or event
      Note: If you use this feature, we recommend notifying the team to avoid confusion when availability gets locked down.
      1. Enter the number of hours prior to the game/event that you would like to prevent changes being made in the appropriate field
    4. Select how you'd like the availability list to be displayed
      1. This setting can also be accessed within the game/event detail screen below the Availability list.
      2. If Date Signed Up As Available is selected, players will be displayed in the availability section of each game or event detail screen in the order they set themselves as available. This display order is determined by the most recent change to the player's availability status for that event, so additional changes or updates will affect the display order, dropping the recently changed player to the bottom of the list.
    5. Select whether you'd like to make availability notes viewable to everyone, or private to team administrators and the member that entered them
  4. Click Save
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