Customize Your Team Site

Team administrators can easily customize team settings and site preferences under the Manager tab. Check out each section below for a quick overview of what you can find under the Manager tab.

Note: Certain team settings options are available only to teams on our Premium or Ultra plans. Some administrative functionality is not available in the mobile apps.

Team Settings

Check out the Team Settings section under the Manager tab in the web app to update team details such as:

  • Edit Team Name
  • Adding/editing team age group and gender
  • Adding/editing default uniform specifications
  • Uploading the team logo (available to teams on our Premium or Ultra plans)
    • recommended size 150x150px
  • Uploading a team photo to display on the Home tab
    • Image Requirements:
      • 8MB or less
      • landscape orientation for best display
      • min-width 850px for optimal display
  • Specify league information such as name, website, division, and season
  • Change your team's Sport

Site Prefs

 Check out the Site Prefs section under the Manager tab in the web app:

  • Choose your team site color scheme
  • Change time or date display format
  • Change score tracking

Custom Fields

Create custom fields in the Custom Fields section under the Manager tab in the web app :

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