Siblings: How do I set up multiple roster spots on a team?

Seeing Double??? Do you have a parent that has multiple kiddos on the same team?  Do you have a manager who also has a player on the team?  If you have double vision, please consult your local Ophthalmologist; if you need to add multiple roster spots, TeamSnap can help.

Multiple roster spots can be handled under the same username.  Each player/non-player needs their own seat on the roster, and each seat needs an Invitation to Join.  Anyone with Manger Access to the team can set up a spot for each player/non-player and associate the same email address with each profile.  After added to the roster, each invite needs to be sent by the Manager.

If the player does not have a preexisting username, they can set up their TeamSnap account using the first invitation.  To start an account, use the Set Up a New Account button on the right side of the Sign Up Page. Prompts will follow to start their account.

After the player has an account, other roster spots can be added.  Each invitation needs to be followed to the Sign Up Page.  Users can log in using their current username and password on the left side of the page for Existing TeamSnap Users.  This will add each player to the same username so all accounts can be accessed under a single log in.