Disable a Roster Member

Note: This function can only be performed by a team owner/manager on the web app (this function not available in mobile apps). 

Disabling a roster member saves all roster information, but disables the member's ability to sign into your team. Managers can use this feature to prevent someone from signing in or messaging the team because it breaks the link between the team and the roster member's username, and stops all team communications to that member and all associated family members. Here's how:

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Go to the Roster tab
  3. Click the roster member's name to open profile details: 

  4. Click Disable
    Note: If the member is subscribed to the team schedule, the calendar subscription will remain active and visible on their personal calendar. They will need to unsubscribe on their personal calendar, or the team owner can contact TeamSnap Customer Support to break the calendar link (this action breaks the calendar subscription link for all members and creates a new link that active members will have to subscribe to).

Once a member has been disabled, team managers can click the Invite to Join button to invite the member to return to the team, which will allow the member and any associated family members to access team data and receive team emails again.

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