Sending Alert Messages


Sending important updates to your team is super easy with TeamSnap's alerts feature. You can send out one message to your entire team and each member will receive the message in the format they choose: a push notification, an email, or both. 

Alerts can be sent from the Messages tab on the TeamSnap web and mobile apps. Both sent and received alerts appear in the Alerts section of the Messages tab. When an alert is sent, TeamSnap delivers the message via either push notification or email to each enabled user as follows:

Push Notifications Enabled?

Alert Type Received

yes Push Notification + Email
x-mark-4-512.png Email

Note: Alerts are available to all teams on a paid plan.
  1. Click the Messages tab
  2. Click the Alerts button
  3. Click the + New Alert button
  4. Enter your alert message
  5. Select recipients
  6. Click Send this Alert

Depending on the preferences of the recipients, the message will be received as an in-app push notification, and/or an email. Learn more about Understanding Alert Messages.

Common Questions

Who will receive a push notification and email?

Mobile users who have the most recent mobile app installed and have push notifications enabled for alerts will receive a push notification and an email.

Can team administrators choose the alert type a team member receives?

No. Each recipient will receive the alerts according to the preferences and setup they have selected. The sender can only control the alert message content.

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