Transfer Independent Team Ownership

Note: If your team is part of a  TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues account, please contact your league administration for assistance with transferring team ownership.

Team owners have the ability to transfer ownership of their individual team to any active roster member that has manager access to the team. 

Team owners cannot be removed from a team by anyone else. They must transfer the team and then leave the team once the new owner takes ownership. 

During the transfer process, the team owners payment information will be removed from the team and the new owner will be prompted to enter their own payment information. The new owner will be responsible for any future team billing. Any changes made to the team's plan before the transfer will take effect immediately.


  • Transfer initiator must be the current team owner
  • The intended new owner has their own profile on the roster (not listed as a contact under another member's roster profile)
    • Add and invite them as a new member
    • If the original team owner’s roster profile information is simply replaced with the new owner’s information, ownership will not be transferred since that profile is still connected to the original owner's TeamSnap account. The information will need to be changed back to the original owner's, then follow the steps outlined below. 
  • The invitation for the new roster profile has been accepted

Transfer Ownership

  1. Hover over the Account button
  2. Click Manage My Teams

  3. Click Transfer Team Ownership button

  4. Select the new owner from the drop-down menu

  1. Click Initiate Transfer button
  2. Click Done to complete the transfer initiation process 

The new owner will then receive an email to accept the transfer. Ownership offers can be viewed and accepted in the Manage My Teams section of your account settings. Once accepted, the original owner will remain on the roster as a manager unless they leave the team or are removed by the new owner.

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