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This article covers steps for creating and editing documents for registration.

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Create a New Document

When setting up a registration form, you have the ability to upload documents that will be presented to registrants during the registration process (such as a form that needs to be printed and filled out), or request that registrants upload a file to the registration (such as a completed form). Here's how to set that up:

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Enter your club or league under the My Leagues section of the Dashboard screen
  3. Click Registration tab
  4. Hover over the Admin ... button and click Edit for the form you will be adding document(s) to
  5. Click the Documents button
  6. Click Create Document or New Document
  7. Enter document details:
    1. Title
    2. Description
    3. Required
      1. Checked = The registrant must upload a document
      2. Unchecked = The registrant can download a provided document, but is not required to upload.  
    4. Filled Out
      1. Per Participant: this will require the document to apply to each participant being registered and is the required selection if you'd like to add conditional logic to the document (for instance, for 2 siblings being registered at the same time, the document applies twice - once for each sibling)
      2. Per Registration: the document applies once per registration, regardless of the number of participants being registered at the same time
    5. Conditional Logic -  this setting allows you to select from custom fields you have created to display the document to registrants with matching selections for the custom field
    6. Visible
      1. to Player: the player will be able to view and access the document in their roster profile after registration is complete
      2. to Team Managers: the document will be visible only to team managers after registration is complete
    7. Attachment
      1. If an attachment is added, it will be presented to the registrants during the registration process
      2. If no attachment is added, the registrants will be asked to upload a file as indicated by the Title and Description information
  8. Click Save 

You're all set! To see how the document is presented to or requested from the registrant, use the Preview Form button at the top of the Registration screen.

Edit or Delete an Existing Document

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Enter your club or league under the My Leagues section of the Dashboard screen
  3. Click the Registration tab
  4. Click Edit
  5. Click the Documents button
  6. Optional: Click Edit next to the document you wish to modify
    1. Update/edit as needed
  7. Optional: Click Delete next to the document you wish to remove (this is permanent and irreversible)
    1. Click OK to confirm  deletion
  8. Click Save 

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