Demosphere Export for Import

Using the registration feature in TeamSnap, administrators can gather and export information from participants that can then be imported into the Demosphere system. 

Note: If registration has not yet taken place make sure you set the required fields in your TeamSnap registration form as required following the steps in the section below in order to gather all the data required for your Demosphere upload.

Part 1: Set Required Fields

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Enter your club or league under the My Leagues section of the Dashboard screen
  3. Click Registration tab
  4. Click Edit for the appropriate form
  5. Click Form Overview button (if not already there)
  6. Click the change link to switch all of the following fields to Required if they aren't already:
    1. Player Info
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Address
      • City
      • State/Province
      • Zip/Postal Code
      • Birthdate
      • Gender
    2. Parent 1 info
      • Parent 1 First Name
      • Parent 1 Last Name
      • Parent 1 Email
  7. Mark any other fields as required as desired
  8. Optional: Add a field to map to the required Household Name field for Demosphere (continue through steps 1-10 below) OR you can opt to map that field to the existing participant or parent last name (skip steps 1-10 below)
    1. Click Form Fields 
    2. Click +Add New Field 
    3. Enter custom field name Household Name
    4. Select the section of the form where you would like it to be displayed
    5. Select the Text field type
    6. Enter a tooltip (optional) - short tip text displayed on hover over ? next to field name
    7. Enter help text (optional) - longer tip text displayed on hover over ? next to field name
    8. Skip validation selection
    9. Check all that apply
    10. Click Save

Part 2: Exporting from TeamSnap and Matching Demosphere Requirements

Once registration is complete, you can export data from TeamSnap:

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Enter your club or league under the My Leagues section of the Dashboard screen
  3. Click Members tab
  4. Click Export Members
  5. Open the file that is emailed to you
  6. Open Demosphere import template: Demosphere Registration Import Template
  7. Copy+paste the data from your TeamSnap export file into appropriate Demosphere template required columns
    • First --> Participant First Name
    • Last --> Participant Last Name
    • Household Name (can be mapped to Participant or Parent Last Name if not an explicit column)
    • Address --> Household Street
    • City --> Household City
    • State --> Household State
    • Zip --> Household Zipcode
    • Birthdate --> Participant Birthdate
    • Contact 1 Name --> Parent 1 First Name
    • Parent 1 Last Name
    • Contact 1 Email --> Parent 1 Email
    • Optional fields can be pasted in the corresponding fields in the Optional tab of the template as desired
  8. Save your updated import file in excel format

Part 3: Importing into the Demosphere portal

Send your updated Excel import file to, along with the program name(s) and season name(s) within Demosphere to which you would like to import your data.