Manage Tournament Team Roster (Registrant Manager or Coach)

Editing or adding to your registered tournament team roster is a snap with TeamSnap Tournaments! If you have registered your team by filling out a TeamSnap Tournaments registration and your tournament organization has required rosters, you can follow the steps below to update and edit your team roster for that tournament event. 

Note: Only the user who filled out and submitted the registration entry can update the registered roster. Managers and coaches who are not logging in via that registrant email will not have access to make these edits. 
Note: If you click the Teams tab then click the Team Name, you will see a Roster tab on the Update Team screen. Making changes here will store information for future registrations only, and will not apply to your existing registration and upcoming event team roster.
  1. Log into your team manager or coach account at
  2.  Click the Upcoming Events tab 
  3.  Click Roster below your team name
  4. Make roster changes as desired
    1. Click Add Player or Invite Player (if enabled) to add more players to the roster
    2. Click the edit icon to edit existing roster member details
    3. Click Print Roster to.......print the roster
  5. Click Close when finished

To learn about downloading the Tournaments mobile app to follow your team and the Tournament event, you can read: Follow a Tournament Event.

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