Update administrator "Send from" email or name

When a commissioner or administrator sends organization or division-level emails from the Messages tab, the sender name and email address are pulled from their roster profile. To update the sender information or add alternative email addresses to send messages from, you can edit the sender's roster profile under the Members tab.

  1. Access your organization.
    1. Steps for TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues:
      1. Log into your account at go.teamsnap.com.
      2. Click the organization name under the My Organizations section of your TeamSnap dashboard.
    2. Click the Members tab.
    3. Steps for TeamSnap for Business: 
      1. Log into your account at organization.teamsnap.com.
      2. Click Programs.
      3. Click a program.
        1. For Org Admins, their profile can be accessed under any program.
        2. For Program Admins, click the program that they have been assigned to.
      4. Click any season.
      5. Click the Participants tab.
  2. Locate the administrator profile in the list or by using the search filters.
  3. Hover over the ... button to the right of the desired member.
  4. Click Edit
  5. Optional: Update the First and Last Name fields 
  6. Optional: Add or delete email addresses to update the sender email selection options under the Messages tab.
  7. Click Save.
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