Accessing Archived or Retired Seasons

Any team member assigned to a team at the time the team is archived or retired will have access to the retired/archived season or team from their TeamSnap dashboard. Team member roles include: managers, players, non-player, and team owner roles. Commissioner roles only have access to archived divisions and organizations and do not have automatic access to archived or retired teams.

Roster members of the archived season will be able to access the archive and view past games and associated data, but will not be able to edit or add anything new to an archived season. If a player is deleted from the active season roster after a season is archived, they will no longer have access to the current season but will still have access to the archived season.

Archived seasons are indicated by a banner displayed across the top of the screen:


  1. Access your TeamSnap Dashboard by either:
    1. Log out and log back in to TeamSnap at to be taken to your TeamSnap Dashboard.
    2. While in a team or organization, double-click the My Teams / My Teams & Orgs button in the upper right to be taken back to your TeamSnap Dashboard.
  2. Optional: Click the Show Archived Seasons below the My Leagues section of your TeamSnap Dashboard to view archived league seasons 
    1. Click the organization or division name to access the archive
  3. Optional: Click Show Archived/Retired Seasons below the My Teams section to view archived or retired team seasons
    1. Click your member name below the team name to access the retired or archived team season

  4. Click the button again to hide the retired/archived teams or seasons list

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