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Customize Tournament Division Settings

Tournament administrators may set division specific settings, either when creating a division or when updating divisions. You may override tournament wide settings for the specific divisions, including maximum point differential, roster limits, as well as whether or not to show the division on registration or tournament results.

Note: Updates must be made before scheduling your tournament games. 

You may change the name of the division at any time, by entering the updated name in the Division Name field.

Use the Gender drop down menu to indicate if the division is male, female, or co-ed.

The bottom section allows you to override the settings for a specific division even if the global Settings for the Tournament are different. 

Max Point Differential Toggle ON if you would like to change the max point differential for the division, then enter the number in the Max Point Differential field.

Override Roster Limits Toggle ON if you would like to change the Roster limits for the division, then enter the Minimum # of Players and Maximum # of Players in their respective fields.

Hide from Registration  If toggled ON, the division will not appear as an available division in the registration list.  

Hide Results   If toggled ON, the division will not show on the mobile app or in the public web results.  

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