Set Up Tournament Event Schedule

This article explains how to create and publish a tournament schedule in TeamSnap Tournaments.

Once you've set up your tournament locations and pool play games, bracket play games, or both, you're ready to create the tournament schedule for each division of your event!

  1. Click the Schedule tab within your tournament event
  2. Select the desired division from the dropdown at the top of the screen

  3. Click Autoschedule Pool Play Games if you have set up and added your teams to pools
    1. The  auto-scheduler will schedule around any games already on the schedule. If you would like a specific game placed in a certain time slot, you need to add that game to the schedule manually and then click Autoschedule Pool Play Games to schedule the rest of the games.
    2. Bracket play games must be manually scheduled. To save time, drag and drop unscheduled games to the desired time and location.
  4. Optional: Click Settings to adjust schedule settings for the division you have selected, such as game lengths and max games per day, to override the default global settings from the Settings tab:
  5. Optional: Click Save Division Schedule as Template to create a template that you can apply to each division for easy schedule setup
    1. To apply your template to another division, create/add your division teams
    2. Click the Schedule tab
    3. Select the desired division from the dropdown
    4. Click Apply Schedule Template 
    5. Select the desired template from the dropdown
    6. Select the desired template items to apply to the new schedule
    7. Click Apply Template
  6. Once your schedule is set, click Publish Event Schedules
    1. When published, the schedule will be viewable on the mobile and web applications to anyone following your event
    2. If you receive a schedule warning, please double check your settings. You need to allow enough available time slots and enough venues for all needed games. 
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