Disable the Add Member & Delete Member Function

By default, League Settings allow roster members to be added and deleted at the team level by any member with administrator rights for the team. Sometimes league administrators prefer to manage team rosters by assigning and un-assigning at the organization level using the Rostering or Directory tabs. League administrators have the ability to disable adding new members,  deleting members, or both from a team level roster. This allows the league administrator to have oversight and control of rosters overall. 

How to Disable the Add Member & Delete Member Option for a Team Roster  

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Click your organization name under the My Leagues section of the Dashboard screen
  3. Click Settings tab
  4. Go to Site Prefs
  5. Click Edit 
  6. Under Team Roster Permissions
    1. Uncheck the box Add players to disable adding new roster members 
    2. Uncheck the box Delete players to disable deleting roster members
  7. Save 

On the team level, the New Player the Delete button will be grayed out and not active. When an administrator hovers over the buttons they will see a message that says "Disabled by Administrator". 

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