Viewing Your In Progress and Completed Registrations

Once you've started a registration form, your pending and completed registrations will be displayed on your TeamSnap Dashboard. You will not see a team listed in the My Teams section of your dashboard until the organization you are registering with has completed team placements.

Note: Completed registrations are displayed for one year after completion under the My Registrations section. They cannot be removed prior to one year or brought back after the one year expiration. For this reason, we recommend printing receipts as soon as registration is complete. 

My Registrations

This section contains all registrations where the form has been completed. You can

Submit a payment for an existing registration

Print registration receipts for completed registrations 

  • View Team Assignment Status
  • Update the credit card used for future installment payments
  • Submit a payment for an existing registration


The  My Pending Registrations section allows registrants to:

  • Complete and/or Delete In-Progress registrations
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