Not Eligible For Fees on Registration

Organization administrators have the ability to set parameters for registration. In doing so, it helps ensure that only participants eligible for the specific fee on a registration are able to proceed to checkout. For example, a fee may only apply to participants that fall within a specified age range or gender. 

If you are trying to complete a registration and you encounter an error message that says "Participant is not eligible for any options. Go back to the Info Step to ensure all information is correct." you should first try to review your information by clicking the Back To Info section. Is your birthdate correct? Is your gender correct? Verify and update your information, and proceed to the Participant Fees or Form Fees section again. 

If you continue to encounter the same error message, you should reach out to the organization directly to have them check to make sure that you are eligible for the selected fee and that they have the registration parameters set up correctly. 

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