Create Website Builder Saved Rows and Modules

You can save a row, column, or module for reuse on your website as standard or global. When you save an item as global, each instance of it that you drag into any page on your site is linked to all other instances. Any change you make to one instance will update all instances and the global saved version. If you save an item as standard, each instance in your layout is independent of the centrally saved row or module and from any other instance of it. In other words, once you drag a standard row or module into your layout, it's just like any other row or module at that point.

Save a Row, Column, or Module

  1. Open Page Builder
  2. Hover over the module area until you see the module admin icons
  3. Click the tool icon to open the module settings
  4. Select and update settings as desired or skip to the next step if you have previously done so
  5. Click Save As 
    1. This will save the row, column, or module with your desired settings that can be used throughout the site. 
  6. Enter a name for your saved module, decide if it will be standard (No) or Global (Yes)
    1. Saving a module as global will make it so that changes made on one instance of the saved module will update the rest of the instances of that module wherever it is being used on the site.
  7. Click Save

Saved items can be found in the Add Content menu on the right, under Modules>Saved Modules or Rows>Saved Columns or Saved Rows.

Edit a Saved Row, Column, or Module

  1. Log into your website builder site
  2. Hover over your site name in the top black navigation bar and click Visit Site
  3. Click Page Builder in the top menu bar
  4. Click the add button in the top menu bar to open the Add Content menu
  5. To access saved modules:
    1. Click Modules
    2. Select Saved Modules from the Group drop-down
  6. To access saved rows or columns:
    1. Click Rows
    2. Select Saved Columns or Saved Rows from the Group drop-down
  7. Click the wrench icon for the saved item to be edited
  8. The saved item opens in a new browser tab
  9. Enter changes
    1. Edits to either standard or global saved rows, columns, and modules have different results:
      1. If you edit a global item, the changes are applied everywhere on your website where that global row or module is used.
      2. If you edit a standard (nonglobal) saved row or module, the changes are applied to any row or module you insert into your layout from that point forward, but it doesn't affect any previously inserted ones.
  10. Click Done 
  11. Click Publish
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