Gender Breakdown Shown on Availability Tab

For some co-ed teams playing in certain leagues, making sure that there is a specified male player to female player ratio per game is required in order for the team to play in the league. For this reason, when a team is set up as a co-ed team, the Availability tab will show the specific number of both men and women available for each game. 

In the example above, we see 5M/3W, this means that we five male players and three female players have confirmed they are going to the game by marking their Availability to "Yes, I'm going". 

How can a Team Administrator turn this setting off or on? 

The gender breakdown is shown by setting the gender for the team as co-ed in Team Settings under the Manager tab. 

  1. Log into your team through the browser version of TeamSnap (not the app)
  2. Click on the Manager tab
  3. Click Team Settings
  4. Click Edit
  5. In the Gender drop-down
    1. Select Co-Ed to display gender breakdown
    2. Select Male, Female or Blank (no selection) to remove it
  6. Save