Enter Game Results

For games set up on the Schedule tab on TeamSnap, you'll have the ability to record the final results. 

Note: Results can only be entered for games, not for events. If you would like to score a schedule item that was entered as an event, the event will need to be deleted, then re-entered as a game so that a score can be added. 

Enter or Edit Scores on the Schedule tab 

Final scores can be added by a designated team manager on the  Schedule tab on the web app and mobile apps. 

  • Web App
    • Once a game has been completed the Enter Result button will pop up in on the Schedule tab next to the game to enter the results.
    • After initial results have been entered, they can be edited on the Schedule tab by a user with manager access.  Click to Edit the game, update the score, Save the setting.
  • Mobile App
    • On the mobile app, once you have played the game a pencil button will be available next to the game in the Schedule/Availability screen. 
    • After initial results have been entered, they can be edited on the Schedule tab by a user with manager access.  Click to Edit the game, update the score, Save the setting.

Enter Scores using TeamSnap Live! 

For teams using a paid plan team with score tracking set up as points for and against TeamSnap Live! it is possible to enter and finalize scores using this feature. While a game is in progress and for two hours after the game, the score can be entered using TeamSnap Live! This feature is accessible by any team member with access to TeamSnap.  Once this window has passed for an active game, only a designated manager has the ability to enter or edit the final score.

How to Handle a Forfeit

There isn't a specific box to check for a forfeit - so the score is the way to record this. Usually, each league has guidelines on how they handle scoring for a forfeit.  If your league doesn't have set guidelines, you can enter the score as 1 for your team 0 for the opponent. 

For teams, if you already have the game marked as canceled you can edit the game to uncheck Canceled, add a label of Forfeit, and score the game 1-0.

Push Notifications for Scores 

When entering final scores, team members with the mobile app installed and push notifications enabled for TeamSnap on their device will receive a push notification to alert team members that the final score has been entered. Currently, there is not a way to turn the final score push notification off. 

TeamLink Events 

If your team is part of a sports organization umbrella and the game has been entered at the organization level by a commissioner, you may not see the option to enter a score on the Schedule tab. 

For TeamLink events, if the organization has set the Team Schedule permissions to allow scoring at the team level, this option will be available on the web application only. If the organization has set Team Schedule permissions to not allow scoring at the team level, the option to enter scores for these games is not available at the team level at all. The game can only be edited (including the score) by a commissioner at the organization level. 

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