Enter Tournament Scores

Your tournament is now well underway, and it's time to enter scores! Scores may be entered by tournament administrators or designated scorekeepers, through the mobile or web app.

Scorekeeping on Tournaments for iOS/Android

  1. Tap the Tournament under EVENTS
  2. Tap Divisions
  3. Tap the desired division
  4. Tap Schedule
  5. Tap the game scores need to be entered for
  6. Enter scores
    1. For baseball and softball, you may also enter pitching statistics here once pitchers are added to team rosters
  7. Tap Done

Scorekeeping on Tournaments for Web

  1. Log into tournaments.teamsnap.com in a web browser
  2. Click the desired event
  3. Click the Scores tab
  4. Enter each team's score in the corresponding box
    1. For baseball and softball, click the actions button to access the option to track pitching statistics once pitchers are added to team rosters
  5. Click Save Scores
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