Resend an Invitation

Once you've added members to your roster they'll have an invitation status of either not sent, pending, or accepted. You can tell the difference by looking at your roster list.

Sent the invites already? You'll see a checkmark for those who have accepted and joined the team, or a Resend Invitation button if they haven't accepted yet. 

If you opted not to send out invitations when you created or imported your roster members, you'll want to invite them at some point. You may even need to resend invitations in cases where the invited member lost, forgot, or just needs a reminder to accept their invite.

  1. Click the Roster tab
  2. Click Invite to Join or Resend Invitation
  3. Select each member that you'd like to send or resend an email invitation to join the team
    1. Members with no email address entered cannot be sent an invite to join the team and will be unable to take advantage of the team information within TeamSnap
  4. Click Send invitations

Important Things to Know about Resending Invitations

Administrators may receive requests from members to Resend an Invitation. Use the tips the below to help identify the correct path to help your members connect or re-connect with the team.  

Invitation Not Received

If the roster member has not received the invitation email that was sent, try verifying that the email address is typed correctly on the roster profile, update if necessary and resend. If you have confirmed that email address is correct and typo free, you may need to have the recipient check to make sure that the email invitation is not in their junk/spam folders.

Invitations are one time use

A single invitation cannot be used multiple times. Each contact will need a unique invitation to join the team. If a team member is needing to invite an additional family member or contact, up to 10 contacts can be added to a single roster profile.

Contacts/Family Members require an invitation

If you see a check mark next to the main profile on the roster, it is possible that there are uninvited or pending invitations for Contacts under the roster member. To double check, click the roster member name on the roster and look for the Invite to Join or Pending Invitation button to send the invitation. To view ALL of the pending or uninvited contacts you MUST click on the roster member name, not the edit button.  Hint: if you have a person on the roster that says that they are receiving emails from the team but they do not see the team when they login, check to make sure that are invited and accept the invite. 

Member changed email address

If you update the email address in the email spot for a contact that has a checkmark next to their name on the roster or contact profile, this will not send an invitation. It will simply change where team emails are delivered. If the member needs to update their account email address, they would simply update their account email to the new email address.

Member has new device 
New device. No problem. All a team member needs to do is install the TeamSnap app and login with the account that is connected with the team. 

Orange triangle on mobile
On the mobile app, the equivalent of Invite to Join and the Invitation Pending status is indicated with an orange triangle (caution) symbol. To send or resend on the mobile app, tap edit on next to the contact name displaying the orange triangle, tap save to send the invitation. 

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