Understanding and Correcting Multiple Accepted Roster Spots

This article explains what to do if multiple roster spots have been accepted under an account. 

If you have accepted multiple roster spots, you will see your member name listed under your team name multiple times on your TeamSnap Dashboard screen in the My Teams section, with a roster spot descriptor of something like “player, contact, contact”  to the right of their name. Every name you see under the team name represents a place on the roster owned by the email account you are logged in with.

Team Owners/Managers:  Reach out to support for assistance, since you do not have access to edit personal info on an accepted roster spot.

Make sure your first and last name are associated with your email and not your player’s name.

You can do this on the roster or in your account settings.  (NOTE: if you can edit the first last name for a roster spot, you own that spot.  Every spot that displays the new first / last name is a spot you own.)

Look at the roster for your player. You know from the dashboard how many roster spots you own, but if there are others with access to this roster it may be hard to tell right away which spots you own here is how you can tell:

  • If you can edit the first/last name of that spot (Person 1, 2, 3…) you own that spot.
  • Because you have already made sure YOUR NAME is associated with your login email, you will see YOUR NAME in those spots.

Use the red X to the right of your last name to delete all but 1 roster spot with your name.  (Remember NEVER delete Person 1! )

Once you are narrowed down to a single roster spot,  it’s time to add family members. Just use the green “add family member” button and fill in their info. Click Save (and invite)

NOTE: If you have access to the emails of family members you are inviting, do NOT accept on their behalf so you don’t accidentally accept with your own email.  Cookies are tricky - so you have to be trickier.

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