Add Player Links and Files to a Roster Profile

The Player Links and Files feature allows you to upload and attach files (or web links) to a member's roster record. This can be perfect for situations where you have permission forms, documents or other information that needs to be saved for each player. Each file or link can be made public (i.e. anyone on the team can view/download) or private (i.e. only the team managers can view/download). A member can only upload a file or link to their own profile, while a manager or administrator can upload a file to any team member profile. Player links and files can only be uploaded and viewed from the web application. 

Note: File types that can be uploaded are .doc, .pdf, or .jpeg. You might have issues trying to upload large file sizes, we suggest keeping file sizes at 2 MB or smaller. 
  1. Login to TeamSnap from a web browser 
  2. Navigate to the team 
  3. Click the Roster tab
  4. Click on the Roster name (do not click the Edit button - you must click the Roster name to access the Player Links and Files option) 

  5. Go to the Player Links and Files section 

  6. Click Add link or Add file 
  7. Enter the Description
  8. Check the Private box
    • Optional if you would like to make the file viewable only to you and administrators 
  9. Locate your File to upload using Choose File

  10. Click Add this file  
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