Update Credit Card Information for Registration or Invoice Payments

This article explains how to update credit card information for registration or invoice installments issued to members within a sports organization.

Update Credit Card for Registration Installment Payments

  1. Login to TeamSnap from a web browser at https://go.teamsnap.com
  2. On the TeamSnap Dashboard go to the My Registrations section
  3. Click Manage Payments 
  4. Click Update Credit Card 
  5. Enter credit card information 
  6. Click Update Card

Update Credit Card for Invoice Installment Payments 

  1. Open your invoice either via your invoice email or if opening from your TeamSnap dashboard, skip  to step 2
  2. Click the Update Credit Card button
  3. Enter updated credit card information

  4. Click Update Credit Card to confirm

Any failed installments on your invoice will run on the new payment method the day after payment information is updated.

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