Enter Player Stats

Note: This can only be done by a team administrator (owner/manager) on the web or mobile browser, not the mobile apps.
  1. Log into TeamSnap.com on the web or mobile browser
  2. Enter your team from the My Teams section of your TeamSnap Dashboard
  3. Click the Statistics tab
  4. Click Enter Stats
  5. Click the game that stats will be entered forNot seeing the game that you want to enter stats for listed? 
    1. Double check the game under the Schedule tab to be sure that you haven't inadvertently entered the game into the schedule as an event. Events are not displayed in the Statistics tab. 
    2. If it is entered as a game, has the game already occurred? Games do not show up in the Statistics screen until after the game time.
  6. Click Edit in the Manager column for the player you will be entering statistics for
  7. Complete stat fields for the player for that game or check the "[player] did not play in this game" box to exclude them from the stats for that game
    Tip: Stat leaders are updated once stats are entered and saved for a new game. If the Top Stat box is checked when a new statistic is created, the  stat leaders will be updated accordingly. Existing statistics can be edited to change Top Stat status .

  8. Click Save to finish entering stats or Save and Next or Save and Previous to continue entering stats for other players 
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