Managing registration forms

The Registration tab displays active and retired form lists, and there are certain admin functions available for each.

  1. Log into TeamSnap.
  2. Enter your sports organization.

    Click the Registration tab.

    Click the Admin button for the registration form you need to manage.

    1. Active form options:
      1. Edit: Opens the form in Edit mode for updates.

      2. Duplicate: Creates a copy of the form. We recommend giving every form a unique form name.

      3. You'll need to update the registration name, as well as select the program and season that the duplicate registration is going to be for.

      4. Share: Opens a slideout where your form's public signup link can be copied from, you can open or close the form, and manage the opening and closing dates if desired.

      5. Preview (on classic registration): Opens the public view of how the form will look to your registrants.
      6. Retire: Retires and removes the form from the active form list.
    2. Retired form options:
      1. Once retired, only data export and duplicate functions are available. Any form view (classic registration) and edit capabilities are disabled.
      2. Duplicate: creates a copy of the form
      3. Export: generates a CSV file export of your registration from data

      4. Unretire: restores the form to the active form list.

        Note: Forms on outdated registration flows (created prior to June 2016) will not display the unretire option and cannot be restored.

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