Embed Twitter feed in Website Builder

To embed your Twitter feed you'll first need the embed code from Twitter and then enter that code with the HTML module within PageBuilder on your site.

  1. Go to https://publish.twitter.com/
  2. Enter your Twitter URL
  3. Click the arrow or enter key on your keyboard
  4. Select your preferred display option
  5. Optional: Select Customization Options to alter the size and look of your Twitter embed
  6. Click Copy Code
  7. Log into your Website Builder site dashboard
  8. Hover over your site name in the top toolbar and select Visit Site
  9. Navigate to the page you would like the feed to be displayed
  10. Click Page Builder in the top toolbar
  11. Open the Basic Modules section of the Page Builder menu
  12. Drag and drop the HTML module onto the page where you'd like the feed
  13. Paste the Twitter code obtained in step 6
  14. Click Save 
  15. Click Done in the Page Builder menu bar
  16. Click Publish Changes
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