Brackets in Scheduler

This article covers how to use brackets within Scheduler. Organizations using the Scheduler feature can create brackets and publish those games back to the team schedules. The bracket/results widgets allow you to embed your selected brackets into your website if desired.  

Currently, only bracket games with known teams will be published to team schedules. TBD games and games with unknown teams will not show. When a score is entered for a bracket game, the winning team will advance but the schedule for the next round of games will need to be republished in Scheduler to display on the team schedules. 

Create a Bracket

  1. Click the Schedule tab
  2. Click the Scheduler button
  3. Click the Brackets tab
  4. Select the desired division from the dropdown
  5. Click Bracket
    Note: If you switch to no bracket after setting up a bracket, any information you have created will be wiped out
  6. Select the bracket template you want to use
  7. Scroll to the bottom and click Save Template
    1. If we don’t have the template you need please contact support
Note: As long as you do not make edits to items that are already scheduled, creating new Brackets will not upset your currently published schedule. 

Source your Bracket

  1. Click Select Source for each bracket spot to choose how teams are placed in the bracket
    1. Optional: Click Auto Sourcing to have the brackets auto source teams
      1. Select Division or Pool from the Select Source dropdown
        1. Division
          1. Click Source by Division Standings to confirm
        2. Pool
          1. Select which pools to use from the dropdown that appears
          2. Click Source by Pool Standings to confirm
    2. Choose how you'd like teams to advance along the bracket    
      1. Division
        1. Select seed
      2. Team name
        1. Select team
      3. Winner
        1. Select game
      4. Loser
        1. Select game
    3. Click Save
  2. Optional: Click the pencil icon to edit how teams advance along the bracket
  3. Optional: Click Add Additional Bracket to add more brackets to your event 
  4. Optional: Click Add Consolation Game to add a consolation game bracket to your event 

Publish your Bracket

We recommend publishing your brackets as soon as possible. This is also the step you will need to complete when you are ready to fill TBD games and assign teams to games that previously had unknown teams, as well as when a score is entered for a bracket game to publish the schedule for the next round of games for display on the team schedules.

  1. Click Publish League Schedules in the upper right corner of the screen when you are ready to publish all division bracket(s)
    1. Click Unpublish Event Brackets to unpublish the brackets

What's Next

If you have a public-facing website, you can integrate results by copy+pasting the code from your Promote tab within Scheduler into your  website.

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