Tournament Registration Waiver Options

This article focuses on how to set up Tournament Registration waivers can be set up. 

Depending on the Registration type and the set up, there are two types of Registration Waivers that can be set up on a Tournament registration form. 

  • Team - this Waiver option is available when setting up a Team registration 
  • Roster Member - this waiver option is available  when setting up an Individual registration and a Team registration

When setting up a Team registration there are two ways a tournament can set up Rosters to be added (configured on the Registration tab, under Form Builder > Roster Member. 

Option 1: Coach is Filling out the Roster 

  • Only supports Team waiver option, Roster Member waivers cannot be configured. 
  • Team roster is added by the coach or team manager at the time of registration.
  • The roster entries and completion of information is the sole responsibility of the person entering the roster. 
  • The participating roster members will not receive an invite to accept their spot or have the option to acknowledge waivers. 


Option 2: Player or Player's Parent is invited to accept the spot and acknowledge any waivers in the process 

  • The rosters can be added by the coach or team manager at the time of registration AND invite the player's parent to join 
  • Player or player's parent will need to accept the invite and then complete rest of the information for their player, acknowledge waivers etc.
  • The invite can only be accepted once
  • Requires the addition of a Roster Member section on the Form Builder Tab

How to make the option for Player Waivers available on the Waivers tab? 

Step 1: Go to Form Builder Click the Add Section button, select + Add Section then select Team Roster. 

Step 2: On the Team Roster check the box under "Who's Filling Out the Roster?" that says "Player or Player's Parent then save. 


Step 3: Go to the team roster section to configure the options that you wish to include on the team roster 

Step 4: Go to Waivers and you'll see the option to Associate a Waiver with a Team or Roster Member Screen-Shot-2018-12-17-at-2-30-09-PM.png

Roster Member waivers will be acknowledged by the player while team waivers will be acknowledged by the person registering the team. 

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