Using the Hockey Canada Rostering Connector (HCR Connector)

Once you have completed registration and rostered the participants to teams for your organization, you can use the Hockey Canada Rostering Tool (HCR Connector) to sync your rosters with the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR). This article covers how to use the HCR Connector to push your TeamSnap rosters automatically in the HCR, and get immediate feedback on which assignments were successful and which need additional review.

Attention: Use of the HCR Connector requires the use of the Hockey Canada template when creating a registration form in order to automatically generate the required data for verified player profiles from registration. Team names/containers must be created in both TeamSnap and the HCR before the Connector can be used.

  1. Click the Divisions tab
  2. Click the HCR Connector button

  3. Select the org/division you'd like to sync to HCR in the dropdown
  4. Click Select
  5. Click the Connect Teams button 
    1. *Teams need to be set up in both TeamSnap and HCR before this sync can be performed

  6. Select the team in TeamSnap that you'd like to sync FROM in the first dropdown
  7. Select the team in HCR that you'd like to sync TO in the second dropdown
  8. Click Connect
  9. Click Submit All to HCR to sync your roster player information over to the Hockey Canada Registry. This will validate members on all connected teams to ensure that members placed on the TeamSnap team are valid in HCR.
    1. If there are any errors, you will see an error message next to the player. That error should help direct you to what needs to be corrected for the assignment to succeed, or if the player is truly ineligible to play on that team.
      1. Resolving TeamSnap member status conflicts:
        1. Click the admin menu for the player in question and select Release Card in HCR
        2. If the player was accidentally removed from TeamSnap, add the player back to their team and revalidate the team in the HCR Connector
        3. If player is in conflict but is now considered invalid in HCR, the player will need to be manually removed in HCR then manually re-validated for the player to drop off the team in HCR Connector
      2. Resolving HCR member status conflicts:
        1. Remove player from team in TeamSnap and revalidate in the HCR Connector
Warning:  Only member profiles generated by a Hockey Canada Membership-validating TeamSnap registration form will connect via the HCR Connector. The Hockey Canada registration template is required for the generated member role to connect. If the Hockey Canada membership validation is disabled or if the member profiles are created via any means other than automatically via a Hockey Canada Registration template, those member profiles will not sync via the HCR Connector. 

What's Next

Each night the system will automatically validate a random sample of teams to keep the validation status as fresh as possible. Team assignments previously pushed to the HCR can be re-validated on demand so you can be sure that assignments are still valid, and that any relevant changes made in the HCR that might impact the validity of assignments are easily visible in TeamSnap (e.g. player transferred out and is not longer eligible). 

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