Assigning Members to a Division or Team

Once you have members added to your organization either by manually adding their profiles or importing under the Directory tab or having them go through registration, you can start assigning them to teams. Members won’t see anything when they log into their TeamSnap account until they are assigned to a team. 

How To: DIRECTORY TAB - Rostering Individual Members

  1. Click the Directory tab
  2. Enter search filter details and click Search or click Load All Players to locate the member
  3. Click the Change Team button in the Manager column of the roster list for that member

  4. Select the division
  5. Select the team 
  6. Click Save New Team

How To: DIRECTORY TAB - Bulk Rostering Members

  1. Click the Directory tab
  2. Enter search filter details and click Search or click Load All Players to locate the members
  3. Select checkboxes to the right of members to be rostered
  4. Click the Bulk Actions drop-down at the top of the roster list
  5. Select the division
  6. Select the team
  7. Click Go

How To: ROSTERING TAB - Drag and Drop Rostering

  1. Click the Rostering tab
  2. Enter roster filtering details
    • Note: Filters are currently AND conditions only. There are no OR conditions built into the filters at this time. So for example, adding filter If Grade Level Is 5th grade and then also adding filter If Grade Level Is 6th grade in one search, the system will not return all registrants marked as 5th OR 6th grade. It will search and return results for those who are marked as both 5th AND 6th grade, which is not possible since registrants can only choose one grade during registration. It is highly recommended that you use a field only once per filter.
    • Save your search filters (optional)
      • Currently, saved filters will only be accessible in the browser they were originally saved in. Saved filter searches will not be available in other browsers or devices.
  3. Click Apply Filters
  4. Search results are displayed below the filter section with roster member results on the left, and teams and divisions listed on the right in the drop section
  5. Click division name(s) in the drop section until you have reached the intended division or team
    • Need to navigate back through the divisions? Just click the division name or home icon above the drop section
  6. Click on single or multiple members to check the boxes and select for rostering
  7. Drag and drop member(s) to drop area
  8. Drag members back from team/division to Not Rostered section to un-assign

Now that you’ve got your members added and rostered, we’re ready to go over member types.