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All About the Invitation Process


Administrators (organization/team owners, commissioners, managers) can add members to rosters and send invitations to join their team or group. When invites are sent from the team level (i.e. from the Roster tab of a specific team) and a TeamSnap account exists for that email address, the recipient will be automatically added to the team and will receive a confirmation email. If the email entered does not have an existing TeamSnap account, the recipient will be sent an email invitation to join the team. The invitation will walk them through creating an account for that email address.

Auto-acceptance works the same way for additional contacts/family members, but if a contact has multiple emails entered with no account match or multiple account matches, they will receive email invitations with no auto-accept.

For users that are sent an email invitation, once they accept, the system will walk them through creating an account and gaining access to the site.  In the meantime, administrators will see an "Invitation Pending" status for the members that have not yet responded to their invitation. Just click the  Resend Invitation button next to their roster listing to send a reminder. Learn more about Common Invitation Questions.

Once you've added members to your roster they'll have an invitation status of either not sent, pending, or accepted. You can tell the difference by looking at your roster list.

Sent the invites already? You'll see a checkmark for those who have accepted and joined the team, or a Resend Invitation button if they haven't accepted yet. 

If you opted not to send out invitations when you created or imported your roster members, you'll want to invite them at some point. You may even need to resend invitations in cases where the invited member lost, forgot, or just needs a reminder to accept their invite.

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