Add and Invite Roster Members

This article explains how team and organization administrators can manually add new roster members directly from the Roster or Members tab. What's that? You don't love typing out the information for every member one by one? That's unheard of. Type typey typeitty type ya'll! Anyway, in case you DO prefer manual entry or just need to add a single member directly here or there, read on! Changed your mind? Other ways to add members: 

Importing Roster Members

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Add Division or Org Roster Members

  1. Click the Members tab
  2. Click the Add Member button
  3. Enter the member details
    1. Adding a team-level administrator? Select the Manager Access checkbox.
    2. Adding an organization-level administrator? Select the Grant Org Editing Capabilities checkbox.
      1. If you need to create an administrator for a specific division, create the member from the Members tab of the desired division, otherwise you will need to wait until that member has accepted their invitation to join to assign their division-specific administrator access. 
  4. Click Save and Create Another to continue adding members
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 to add multiple members
  6. Click Save when finished adding members
  7. Click the green Invite to Join button under the member's name or the Manage Invites button in the Members tab list for any member to send out invites
  8. Check the boxes for the members that you want to send invitations to
  9. Click Send Invitations

Add Team Roster Member (Web)

NOTE: Teams currently support one roster per team. Team also have roster limits, which will vary depending upon the selected plan for your team or organization. To communicate or schedule with portions of your roster we recommend setting each group up on its own team and billing plan.
  1. Click the Roster tab
  2. Click the Add Player button
    1. Adding a team manager? Click the Add Manager button
  3. Enter the member's first and last name (first name and email address required to send team invite)
  4. Adding a team Manager? Make sure to select the Manager Access checkbox
    1. This can only be done by the team owner. Don't see this option? Ask the team owner to add manager access to the member in question.
  5. Optional: Members can be designated as non-player roster members by selecting the Non-Player checkbox    
    1. Non-players are roster members such as a coach, manager, treasurer, etc
  6. Enter the member's email (first name and email required to send team invite)
  7. Optional: Add the member's phone number and address 
    1. Phone numbers can be entered with or without spaces or dashes (e.g. 000-000-0000 or 1234567890)
  8. Optional: Click Show to display additional player fields that can be completed including gender, birthday, jersey number, and position(s)
  9. Make sure the Invite to Join checkbox is selected if you would like to auto-send the email invitation to the new member
    1. Deselect the Invite to Join check box if you don't want the system to send out team invitations once you click save
  10. Click Save

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Add Team Roster Member (mobile)

  1. Open the TeamSnap app
  2. Tap your team name if not already open
  3. Tap the roster tab at the bottom of the screen (iOS) or the roster icon at the top of the screen (Android)
  4. iOS:
    1. Tap the plus sign icon at the top of the screen
    2. Tap Add Player Manually 
  5. Android: 
    1. Tap the orange add + button in the bottom right
    2. Tap New Player
  6. Enter the member's information
  7. Optional: Grant manager access to the member by tapping to toggle Manager Access ON at the bottom of the screen
  8. Optional: Mark the member as a non-player by tapping to toggle Non-Player ON at the bottom of the screen
  9. Make sure the invitation setting is what you want:
    1. Tap to toggle/select the Invite to Join switch/checkbox at the top of the screen to send an email invitation for the new member to join the team (this is on by default)
    2. Tap to toggle/deselect the Invite to Join switch/checkbox to refrain from sending an email invitation (invites can be sent to members who have not accepted any time from the roster screen)
  10. Tap Save (iOS) or the checkmark save icon (Android)

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Common Questions

Can invitations be sent without an email address?

No. The invitation process in TeamSnap works on an invitation basis using email addresses. An email address is required in order to set up an account.

Did the invitation get sent?

When adding or editing a player, if the checkbox for Send Invitation was selected, the invitation was sent automatically once you clicked Save. If you deselected the checkbox for Send Invitation, then the invitation was not sent out. You can confirm this by checking whether the player's name shows a checkmark ✔︎ next to it in the roster list. If so, it means that the invitation has been sent and accepted. If there is a Resend Invitation button, this means that the invitation has been sent but not yet accepted, and if there is an Invite to Join button, the invitation has not been sent out yet.  Learn more about the ins and outs of Resending an Invitation

How can I tell who has access?

When you view the roster list from a web browser, you will see a checkmark ✔︎ by member's names. On our mobile apps, an orange triangle will appear next to the email address for members that have a pending invitation or have not yet been invited to the team when viewing their roster profile. This means at least one person from the list of emails on that member's roster profile has accepted their invitation. Learn All About the Invitation Process.

To view player contacts and see which contact invitations are still pending, click the player's name. Contacts with a Resend Invite button next to their email have not accepted their invitation yet. If an invitee has expressed that they cannot locate their invitation, you can resend it on the web by clicking the Resend Invite button. Administrators can resend the invite from the mobile app by editing and re-saving the player's profile.Invitees who aren't able to locate their email invitation may also need to troubleshoot email issues.