Add Family or Contacts to a Profile

Learn how to add and invite additional people under a member profile with their own TeamSnap account access to the team. Family members and other roster contacts can be added by the main roster contact and/or team admins once the main roster contact has accepted their invitation. All contacts added under a member profile will have access to the same information the member has.

Warning: If you are an administrator, we strongly discourage you from adding family or contacts to a profile with administrator access (team manager, team owner, organization commissioner, organization owner). This will grant the family or contact access to the team or organization with administrator permissions. It is recommended that an additional non-administrative profile be created for any administrator that needs family or contacts added.

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Attention: The order in which family members/contacts are displayed does not matter and cannot be reordered. All contacts on the roster profile receive the same information and can perform the same actions within TeamSnap. Learn more about editing roster contact information.

Adding Family or Contacts (Web)

  1. Click the Roster tab
  2. Click on member name
  3. Click + Add Family Member button
    Note: If there is no option to add family members, this is because the main contact has not accepted their invitation yet. This option will become available after the main invitation has been accepted. 

  4. Enter contact details (first name, last name and email address required to send invite)
    1. Optional: Enter a label to help easily identify the contact or the contact/player relationship
  5. Select the Invite to Join?  checkbox  at the bottom of the screen if you'd like this person to have access to the team under this profile
  6. Click Save

Add Family Member link on iOS app.

Adding Family or Contacts (iOS)

  1. Tap the Roster tab
  2. Tap on the primary  member's  name
  3. Tap + Family Member
  4. Enter contact details 
    1. Suggested: Enter a label to help easily identify the contact or the contact/player relationship
  5. Tap to toggle Invite to Join to ON at the top of the screen
  6. Tap Save in the top-right corner

Adding Family or Contacts (Android)

  1. Tap the Roster tab
  2. Tap on the primary  member's  name
  3. Tap Add Family Member
  4. Enter contact details
    1. Tap the gear icon next to the email fieldSuggested: Enter a label to help easily identify the contact or the contact/player relationship
    2. Tap to toggle Invite to join to ON
    3. Tap OK
  5. Tap the checkmark icon in the top-right corner to save

What's Next

Added contacts with an email that matches an existing TeamSnap account will automatically be granted access and sent an access notification email. Otherwise, regular email invitations will be sent to each email address and will not be auto-accepted.

Note: Invitations sent at the club or league level will always result in regular email invitations being sent, regardless of whether the recipient has an existing TeamSnap account or not.  
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