Manage Roster Profile Information

This article covers updating the information displayed in a roster profile. Roster profiles display contact information separately from member information like name, jersey number, birthdate, etc. Player contact information and additional contacts and family members are listed under Contact Information. Is your contact information outdated, duplicated, or jumbled? Simply take a moment to edit your information following the steps below.

Edit Roster Profile

Important: Do not attempt to add a new contact by changing one contact's email to another email - the new email address will not receive an invitation or be able to access TeamSnap. Use the Add New Family Member button.
  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Click your roster name below the team name to enter the team site
  3. Click the Roster tab
  4. Click on the member name for the profile you'd like to edit
  5. Click Edit
  6. Add/edit profile information as needed
  7. Optional: Edit contact information
  8. Tip: When multiple contacts are listed, complete the Who's This? field to help identify contact information when viewing your roster list.
    1. Locked contact information means that the information is tied to an active TeamSnap account, and is only editable by the account holder for that particular contact profile. Admins do not have access to edit locked first/last names or addresses. Learn more about common roster editing issues.CCC-locks.png
  9. Optional: Click the small x to the right of the name field for a contact to delete their entry. If you only wish to delete the email address click the x next to the right of the email field.
    Delete button for contact information.
  10. Next to Optional Player Details, click the Show button to edit additional player information such as gender, birthday, nickname, etc.
    Optional player detail fields
  11. Click Save to finalize your edits
    Updated contact information on a roster profile.
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