Common Roster Editing Issues

Are you trying to enter or edit contact information in the roster profile and seeing the names change back when you hit save? This article explains what name appears in the contact information section of our roster profiles, and other common roster editing issues.

Contact Name Update Does Not Save

The name that ends up in contact information is the account name associated with the email address that is invited to join. This may vary from what was originally entered, depending on whether the email address in that contact is for a new or existing member of TeamSnap. Is the incorrect member account name being displayed? You can  Update Account Information

  • New member: When entering an email address that has never been used in TeamSnap before, the name that you enter for the contact will be the suggested account name. Once the invite to join is opened, the new member will first enter a password and then they'll be asked to confirm their name. If they confirm the name is correct, that name will become their account name. If they deny that is the correct name, they will have the opportunity to enter their preferred account name.
  • Existing member: When an email address already associated with a TeamSnap member is entered, their existing account name will automatically override any name that was entered in the roster profile and will be the name that shows in the contact information section. This makes it easier for members to have a consistent contact name across each of their teams.

Once an invitation is accepted, the roster profile name can only be edited by the invited member. Changing the email address (for an already accepted contact) will only change the email used for messaging - it will not add or change the login credentials for that contact. If you are attempting to update a contact name within a roster profile and it reverts back to the unedited name once you save, this means that profile is not connected to your account. 

Roster Contact Profiles are Not in Order

Contact profiles within a roster profile are displayed in the order of when they were added and their invite accepted. Please be aware that the order that contacts appear does not reflect permissions access or any type of hierarchy, and does not affect functionality in any way. If needed, the labels field can be used to denote who is who next to email and phone fields to avoid confusion.

Warning: Team administrator assistance is required for any changes of this nature, and all emails, statistics, and other information linked to the roster profile will be lost in the process.

To rearrange the display order, the team administrator will have to delete or disable the roster profile, re-add the player and wait until they have accepted their invitation before moving on. Once the initial invitation is accepted, additional contacts can be added using the Add Family Member button one by one in the order that they need to be displayed. Each contact invitation must be accepted before adding the next contact to the profile. 

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