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Manage Your TeamSnap Account Settings

Who can do this:
  • Roster Members
  • Team Managers
  • Team Owners
  • Commissioners
  • Organization Owners
Where to do this:
  • Web app
  • mobile app icon

Need to add or update the info on your TeamSnap account like profile information, household members, account preferences or your login credentials? Well, take a deep breath and buckle up, because it's about to get intense with our new and improved 47-step process! Just kidding. It's easy and will only take a minute or two. 

  1. Log into teamsnap.com
  2. Hover over the Account button in the top right of your screen
  3. Click My Account in the drop-down GIF of the My Account dropdown selection.
  4. To modify your account profile information:
    1. Click Profile to update information for your account profile including name, gender, and contact information
      1. This section is a master record of all your personal contact information. Details saved here will be the default information for you everywhere on TeamSnap. You can also set your profile photo, and it'll be used everywhere in TeamSnap.
      2. The preferred contact email under your profile does not have to match the email you use for your account login email. Your login email is where TeamSnap will send you updates about your account. All other communication from your teams will go to your preferred contact email.
    2. Click Save when finished
  5. To create or modify your household members (BETA):
    1. Click Household to create, edit, or remove the members of your household
      1. Anyone can create a household. This will most commonly be done by the adult responsible for managing a family within TeamSnap. You can be a part of multiple households, but can only create a single household. The household creator is the Household Organizer, with privileges to invite or remove members.
    2. To add a household member:
      1. Click New Household Member
        1. Note: Household members are not required to have a TeamSnap account. Non-members will be prompted to create an account during the process to join the household. Existing TeamSnap members will have their account connected to their household profile once they accept the household join invitation.
      2. Enter new household member's information
      3. Click Add Household Member to save
        1. If an email address was entered, an invitation to join your household will be sent
  6. To opt in or out of the TeamSnap newsletter or Lab Rats program:
    1. Click Preferences 
    2. Make your selections
    3. Click Save
  7. To modify your TeamSnap log in credentials:
    1. Click Login to update your account access information including your email for login and billing or changing your password
      1. To change your password, you will first need to enter your current password for security.
    2. Click Save to confirm your changes!Account settings screen showing steps 4, 5, 6, and 7.
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