Add Family Members and Roster Contacts

If the primary member has already been added to the roster you can add a contact by following the instructions below. Please note contacts may not be added until the primary member has accepted their invitation to join the team. 

Add Contacts (web)

  1. Click the Roster tab
  2. Click on member name
  3. Click + Add Family Member button
  4. Enter contact details (First Name and Email address required to Send Invite)
  5. Check the Invite to Join? box at the bottom of the screen
  6. Click Save

Add Contacts (mobile)

  1. Tap the Roster tab
  2. Tap on member name
  3. Tap Edit in the top right (iOS only. Android users skip to step 4)
  4. Tap + Family Members
  5. Enter contact details 
  6. Tap to toggle/check Send Invitation to Join/Send Invite to ON at the top of the screen
  7. Tap Save/ in the top-right corner



What Happens Next

Contacts whose email matches an existing TeamSnap account will automatically be granted access and sent an access notification email. Otherwise, regular email invitations will be sent to each email address and will not be auto-accepted.

Note: Invitations sent at the league level will always result in regular email invitations being sent, regardless of whether the recipient has an existing TeamSnap account or not.