Managing Organization Members

The Members tab provides organization administrators with an overall view of the members within the organization. Each member is displayed once with the list of teams and divisions they are a member of within your organization, and the roles that they have been assigned to give you a clean, comprehensive list of your organization's members.

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Manage Sports Organization Members

  1. Click the Members tab
  2. Hover over the Actions ... button to the right of desired member
  3. Click Manage to view their details
  4. Hover over the Actions ... button to the right of one of the member's team or registration listings
  5. Select desired option
    1. View: open the roster profile for that entry
    2. Edit: open the member's profile in edit mode
    3. Transfer: to open a transfer pop-up where you can select a new division and/or team to transfer that member entry to 
      1. Commissioner profiles cannot be transferred
      2. Team owner and manager profiles will lose their permission on the new team they are transferred to
      3. Player & non-player designations will persist through the transfer
    4. Manage Registration: open the member's registration transaction summary (this option will not be available if the member profile was not created via registration)
    5. View on Team: open the team roster list where that profile is located
    6. Delete: remove the roster profile for that entry (Warning - this is permanent!!!)

Add Member to an Additional Team or Division

Commissioners can quickly grant an existing member access to a new team by copying that member's contact information to a new roster profile on an additional team or division. Members can be copied one by one to a single team or division by creating additional profiles one at a time. By creating multiple profiles, a player or non-player can be added to as many teams or divisions as desired. 

  1. Click the Actions ... button to the right of the desired member
  2. Click + Copy to Team/Division 
  3. Select the division and team (if desired) that the member will be added to in the drop-down(s)
  4. Click the Copy to Team/Division button
  5. Member and contact information are copied to the new profile and invitations are automatically sent
      Attention: "Copy to Team/Division" creates a new, minimal, profile for this member. Position, jersey #, receive team emails settings (default ON), organization and team custom field data, permissions, and existing roles are not copied to the new team or division profile. 
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