Submit Classic Payments (PayPal)

This article applies to teams and organizations set up with Classic Payments tab using PayPal. 

Important Note: Classic Payments was phased out in early 2019 for our US and Canadian customers in favor of TeamSnap's integrated payments system. 

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Submit PayPal Payments

Currently, classic payments can only be made online or via your mobile browser. They cannot be made thru the mobile app. 

  1. Log into in a web browser
  2. Click your name below the team 
  3. Click the Payments tab
    1. If your team administrator elects to collect payments via PayPal, you will see a Pay My Fees With PayPal button next to your name on the Payments tab (web app or mobile browser only). 
  4. Click Pay My Fees with PayPal
    1. If you do not already have a PayPal account you can set one up for free by clicking Sign up for free and following the instructions. Through PayPal setup, you will have the option to pay team fees using your credit card as a Guest. 
  5. Follow the instructions for paying by credit card 
  6. Once payment has been submitted, you will receive an email receipt from PayPal to your TeamSnap account email

Resolving Failed PayPal Installment Payments

Have you received a payment failure email notification or see a failed installment payment on your registration dashboard? We can help!

When processing payments, your PayPal account balance (if any) is applied to fund the transaction first. If you don't have a PayPal balance, or your balance is not sufficient to cover the whole transaction, PayPal will fund it or the remainder with another payment method linked to your account. If you have no money in your PayPal balance and no other valid payment methods listed, the payment will fail.

Not to worry, you can resolve it by verifying there is a valid backup payment source on your PayPal account attached to your installment plan. Here's how:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Click the Wallet tab
  3. Verify at least one active payment method(bank account or payment card) is listed. Need to add one? Click Link a bank or Link a card and follow the instructions on the screen
    Once the payment method is added to your wallet, move to step 4.

  4. Click the Settings icon in the top right corner, then the Payments tab, then Preapproved Payments
  5. Click the preapproved payment plans link

  6. Click the payment plan you’d like to edit

  7. Under Payment Method, click Change and select a valid bank account or payment card to act as your backup funding source, then click Save. Keep in mind if you don't have a PayPal account balance, your backup funding source will be the one charged for your installment payments.

    NOTE: If you are still unsure about the valid or invalid payment methods listed on your PayPal account, contact PayPal at 1 (402) 935-2050 (US & international) for assistance.

  8. Once you have verified a valid backup funding source is attached to your PayPal payment plan, return to your TeamSnap dashboard and click Reset Payments. This will tell the system to try processing the payment again, and you’re done!

Cancel PayPal Installment Payments

Need to cancel an installment payment plan? We’ve got you covered.

Note: Administrators cannot do this for a registrant, the registrant must log into their own PayPal account and follow these steps.
  1. From a computer, log into your account at
  2. Click the gear wheel in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  Gear_-_Screen-Shot-2016-03-03-at-3.47.53-PM-300x58.png
  3. Click Preapproved payments under the Payment settings section
  4. Click the preapproved payment plans link
  5. Select the payment plan you’d like to cancel.
    • The plans are listed by their creation date, from newest to oldest.
  6. Click Cancel and confirm. You’re done!
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