Submit Classic Team Payments

This article applies to teams with team fees set up under the Classic Payments tab. For information on paying sports organization invoice fees, see Submit an Invoice Payment.

Important Note: Classic Payments will be phased out April 1, 2019 in favor of the new Payments feature. Learn more: Set Up WePay for Team Payments. If you have not used Classic Payments in the past it will not be an available option for set up.

Currently, classic payments can only be made online or via your mobile browser. They cannot be made thru the mobile app. 

  1. Log into in a web browser
  2. Click your name below the team 
  3. Click the Payments tab
    1. If your team administrator elects to collect payments via PayPal, you will see a Pay My Fees With PayPal button next to your name on the Payments tab (web app or mobile browser only). 
  4. Click Pay My Fees with PayPal
    1. If you do not already have a PayPal account you can set one up for free by clicking Sign up for free and following the instructions. Through PayPal setup, you will have the option to pay team fees using your credit card as a Guest. 
  5. Follow the instructions for paying by credit card 
  6. Once payment has been submitted, you will receive an email receipt from PayPal to your TeamSnap account email
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