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Add Game Opponents

This article covers how to add opponents for your team's schedule items. Administrators for sports organization and team owners and managers have the ability to manage team opponents. For sports organization in TeamSnap, opponents that are not part of your organization should be added at the team level and will need to be added to each team that it needs to be scheduled against. Additionally, if you need to schedule games for teams across divisions within your organization, you will need to add the opposing teams as opponents for each team you are scheduling for, since cross-division scheduling is not currently supported.

In this article

Opponents can be added during the process of creating a new game, or you can follow the steps below to create one any time. If this is your first time, you will need to create a game or event before the options below will be displayed.

Note: For sports organizations, opponent teams that are not part of your organization need to be entered at the team level, the system does not currently support organization-wide external opponents.

Add Game Opponents (web)

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Navigate to the desired team
    1. Independent teams
      1. Click the team name under the My Teams section of the dashboard
    2. Sports Organizations
      1. Click the organization name under the My Leagues section of the dashboard 
      2. Click the Divisions tab
      3. Click the team name
  3. Click the Schedule tab
  4. Click Edit 
  5. Click Edit Opponents
  6. Click New Opponent
  7. Enter opponent information
    1. Opponent Name
    2. Contact Name
    3. Phone Number
    4. Email Address
    5. Notes 
  8. Click Save

Add Game Opponents (Android)

  1. Open the TeamSnap app
  2. Tap your team name
  3. Tap the hamburger menu icon 
  4. Tap Team Opponents 
  5. Tap the + icon
  6. Tap New Opponent
    1. Own more than one team? You may see the option to Copy Opponent from Another Team. Select this option if you already have the opponent you need to add created on another team you own.
  7. Enter opponent information
    1. Opponent Name
    2. Contact Name
    3. Contact
    4. Contact Email
    5. Notes
  8. Tap check icon to save
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